Privacy Policy

Health Professionals founded and we are committed to maintaining the patient privacy as a longstanding tradition in medicine.GlobalSpine does not sell, exchange or disclose any personally identifiable information to an outside vendor. Listed on GlobalSpine members may receive a “” signed e-mail, which mentions a technology, service or product of interest to our patients.We do employ some “cookies” (small packets of information that flow from the site to the user’s computer and back) to make your visit more useful and for statistical information collection. The information that we collect using cookies is non-personal information. You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, but some parts of our Site may not work properly for you if you do so. We will not allow third parties to place cookies on our Site.

GlobalSpine collects information about use of the site. This helps us plan resources, such as how much serving power we need, and helps us communicate generalized statistics about number of uses and page views, duration of visits, etc. to investors, sponsors and advertisers. Statistical information on our members as a group (usage habits, demographics) may be shared with our partners; no identifiable information will be shared at any time.

Clicking on a link or banner at the GlobalSpine may forward you to another site that may gather information about you. GlobalSpine has no control over the privacy policies of other organizations and websites.All financial transaction on GlobalSpine will occur over an encrypted channel.