Exercise is the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit, improve flexibility and increase strength.

The various types of exercise therapy and treatment with the help of impellent activity are known since ancient times.

Even B.C. in ancient Greece, Aristotle paid great attention to physical activity as a therapy to maintain and strengthen health. In fact – motion is the most important characteristic of every living creature.

Exercises are an important part of the treatment of spine-related pain. Almost all spine-care providers advise exercises as a part of spine-related pain recovery programs. Exercise programs will normally depend on the type of condition, its severity and the patient’s fitness level.

It often surprises people that exercise is usually better for healing many back conditions that bed rest.

The aim of the exercises is to encourage mobility, reduce muscle spasm and speed recovery.

Exercises benefit all types of spine-related disorders because the process of stretching and strengthening the muscles of the back and neck produces a feeling of relaxation and well being similar to that produced by relaxants and pain relievers medications. Spine-related pain is usually includes both physical and psychological components and exercises can help treat both parts of this problem.

It is important to first get an accurate diagnosis for the cause of the back or neck pain, as the specific exercises recommended will depend on the cause. It is also important to get a diagnosis before starting any exercises because, while rare, back pain can be caused by some serious medical conditions (such as an infection or tumor) that require prompt medical attention.

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